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November 18 2017

November 17 2017

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19-year-old Taishin on the street in Harajuku wearing a print shirt with checkerboard belt, skinny pants, neon zebra creepers, and MTV tote bag. Full Look

November 16 2017

how do i stop having feelings

i feel like no one really listens to what i have to say anymore. like i’ll be talking about something i’ll be really excited or stressed about and everyone just kind of. blows me off. idk if i’m just super sensitive rn but it’s like. really fucking with me djjdjfjf

i had my first suicidal thoughts in a while yesterday because i feel like an oversensitive burden on all the people in my life. nobody Really listens to me. i feel like people only like talking to me because i’m willing (and happy) to do a ton of emotional labor for them. but it’s kinda like now i’m feeling lonely because no one wants to pay it back. i guess that’s my fault for doing it in the first place?

i have this really selfish fantasy that someone will be able to see how scared and hurt i am without me having to tell them, and they will say “hey, i’m not mad at you for this. the things you say are important to me! i am interested in what you are doing with your life.”

i wish i haven’t done so much work on expressing and identifying what my emotions are. i miss being a little autistic kid who just had meltdowns to release that pressure, and then was good. this “””socially acceptable””” way of living fuckin SUCKS.



listen namjoon saying they don’t have girlfriends or boyfriends when asked if they were dating is making my gay heart si n g i love him so much 

listen part 2, if i see anyone (straight people) trying to twist this around and make it seem like this “isn’t what he meant” or sayin “this is a stretch” you owe me and namjoon five billion dollars…


BTS stands for Beyond The Straights

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Congratulations on your first win, Monsta X! #MonstaX1stWin 💚💜💙

trans. by: @hyungwonope & @chocohyoo ♥️

November 15 2017

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LATE LATE SHOW with James Corden won ARMYs hearts! This is a thread of his interaction with ARMY and it’s so cute and hilarious.


while I’m being controversial tonight let me get this out of my system: when someone shares a happy memory, or a story of healing, or a step they made on the path to recovery, reblogging that and adding “LOL CANT RELATE” immediately outs you as a rude, selfish brat and I see it all the time here. as a mentally ill person I know the temptation to relate everything back to the way you personally are coping but it just… it’s so disheartening to see stuff like that added to posts you made in light of feeling better

This Creator Is Proving Why Non-Binary Representation Matters


A new wave of creators aren’t waiting for mainstream entertainment to catch up to the realities of gender identity, they’re just making it happen. And Kaitlyn Alexander is at the forefront.

Alexander is the mastermind behind Couple-ish, a web series they both created and star in. It centres on Dee, a non-binary, bisexual artist who enters into a sham marriage to keep their new roommate in the country. It’s instantly endearing, with LGBT inside jokes and characters that are too awkward not to love.


“I just saw this gap in media. I was not seeing people like me represented so it’s like, why don’t I just start doing it. Somebody has to start it,” Alexander told BuzzFeed Canada. “I just wanted to create a series where somebody who’s non-binary can be a romantic lead or at the forefront, and not a joke.” Often, says Alexander, characters without a fixed gender are non-human entities like aliens, and often a punchline. 

“Representation is important because it gives people opportunities to see themselves in media, which is validating. It can make you feel like you’re not alone, and that’s super important,” they said. They’ve even received messages from non-binary people saying Alexander’s work helped them explain their identities to their parents.

Read more here 

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Khadijha Red Thunder by Victor Demarchelier for Glamour, September 2017.

November 14 2017

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Update: Now avaiable as a print on Society6 and Redbubble!

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me: [taking a piss in my own house like normal]

my anxiety: “what if someone slipped you hallucinogenic drugs and you’re actually in walmart right now pissing in the middle of the store?” 

me: “…we’ll confront that problem when we come to it”

November 12 2017

i wanna date girls as a non girl and like that makes my heart Warm but also like. wow that’s disgusting like i’m sexualzing women.

i really don’t feel any gender at all so me being attracted to any other genders is like cool fine no problem but with girls? i should kill myself for fetishizing women

it’s to the point that if i look at a pretty girl in public for more than a few seconds my eyes and nose will burn like i’m about to cry and i will start shaking and it’s just a disgusting display

idk where i’m going with this i’m just kinda sad about it today lmao

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