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May 22 2018

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i literally qualify as “megafauna”

if you are over 100 pounds..

You are Megafauna

the definition of megafauna in ecology is apparently “animals large enough to be seen with the naked eye” so we are all megafauna


i think ive finally been on tumblr long enough where all i use it for is to occasionally pop in to talk about dick or acid and then l leave for weeks on end, only to return with more exciting yet disturbing to others updates

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15-year-old Maria and 16-year-old Ayumi on the street in Harajuku wearing fashion by More Than Dope, Never Mind the XU, H&M, The Rolling Stones, and Bershka. Full Looks

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This cat is prettier than most humans!

May 21 2018

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180520 BTS Official’s tweet

[#오늘의방탄] 아미들과 함께 역사를 만들어갑니다 빌보드에서 <Fake Love> 첫 방송! 여러분들의 큰 환호로 잘 마칠 수 있었습니다. 빌보드에 와준 모든 아미들, 생중계로 봐주신, 그리고 마음으로 응원해준 모든 아미들 감사합니다!

May 20 2018


“Apane eta go anishinaabemoyang weweni giga-mookibidoomin.”

Ogimaawigwanebiik, Nancy Jones

Only if we speak our language all the time, we will revitalize it.

May 19 2018


“You hear this voice? This is my mind’s voice; you can’t touch my body now. It has changed once, it has hardened, don’t ask it to respond again.”

— Louise Glück, from ‘October’, Averno

dispatch always got my back with these hi res images…..thank you for my nüte…..

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revolutionists of ballads……inventors of emotions……philosophers of singing….

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no offense but chubby / fat stomachs are cute as hell and people who don’t appreciate them are cowards

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Laura Harrier by  Eric Chakeen for  Tidal Magazine #9

May 17 2018

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we love one man

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Naver profile update

these concept pics… i’m nutting on a metaphysical level……….




May 14 2018

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May 12 2018

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