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June 15 2017

call out post for my mutuals


u cute

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you know nothing

June 14 2017

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Maxfield Parrish


So I don’t wanna reblog it because I don’t want to give them a larger platform, but if you see this post going around:

“Riley H” is the person who ran the Arkh Project scam, as well as being a known pedophile apologist, abuser and a general all-around despicable person; if you see this post without commentary, please don’t reblog it

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Give them subunit with mafia concept please @/sment @/god

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I love this title because it implies that Mountain Dew is not typically edible, but rather it is some kind of poison

1 calorie per ball sack

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me when i see ppl in a healthy relationship

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im looking at this post from different angles and trying to work out how this just isnt straight up transphobic and ableist

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Me for Urban Outfitters

Photographed by Anna Ottum

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Gay rights activists kiss as they are detained by police officers during a gay rights protest in St. Petersburg

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Black Panther: World of Wakanda #3

Damn even the boss was like “you gay as shit you better cal that girl your baby”

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please read this if you can!
my brother tried to overdose on june 11. he just turned 13 and he’s dealing with a lot. he’s autistic and he has severe ptsd and depression due to sexual abuse in the past. he’s such an amazing kid, he’s the light of my life and he’s my best friend. my family is in a tremendous amount of debt and we’re struggling just to get by, and our money situation just seems to get worse and worse because we can’t catch up. our ac is broken and we’re struggling to pay our bills. we need your help, we can’t afford the hospital and crisis center bills. any amount of money would help, and i’d really appreciate it if you helped me spread this. thank you for reading

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i am so gentle and kind hearted

and stupid

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