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August 13 2017

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Summer Boys

good responses to "are you a boy or a girl"




sorry what? there’s a bee in my ear
• nnnnNnNnnNnNnnnnNNNNNnnnnn
• we’re sorry, this number is unavailable at this time. to leave a callback number, press 5. beep
• how did you get in my house
• point into the distance. do not say anything, and do not point at anything specific. just point.

- open ur mouth do not yell do not scream open ur mouth
- kick ur leg really high and then walk away
- internet startup noise
- get into an idle stance like you are in a video game and that question was the start of a new match
- call upon the dark eldritch gods to transport you to another dimension
- eat an entire football


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Alright, submitted for your approval. 

Here is what I hope will be a definitive trans woman pride flag.

I was really upset by how many different trans woman pride flags have been floating around, a lot of which seemed to not even have been made by trans women. Obviously, the effectiveness of a symbol is directly related to how recognizable it is, so over-saturating the community with flags has definitely hurt trans women’s visibility.

This is of course a necessity, because the oppression that trans women face is distinct from the oppression felt by rest of the trans umbrella identities. We thereby need a symbol to rally around that is itself distinct from the rest of the trans community’s symbol.

Overall the original trans pride flag has a very classic and recognizable look, so I attempted to preserve as much of the original design as possible. The main change from this is the replacement of the soft baby blue, which represents manhood in the original flag, with a thick blunt red.

  • The pink represents womanhood and femininity.
  • The white represents the transition itself, along with a distinction from the gender binary.
  • The red represents the struggle and violence that trans women face both in the process of transition and in everyday life, along with a reminder that we do have a shared history of resistance and activism.

If you like it please feel free to reblog it so that maybe we can finally have a widely recognized symbol of trans female pride. Non trans women feel free to reblog it as well.

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Can cis people just like quiet down. They’re too loud . Bitch who are u!

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real americans wont stand for this disgusting demonstration 🇺🇸

August 12 2017




There’s a lot of interesting history in the ways that urban planning and infrastructure development have been used to reinforce racism. Robert Moses, the guy who designed the roadways in New York City, made the bridges on the Long Island Parkway too low for the city busses at the time to go under, because he wanted to prevent the type of people who ride buses (wink, nudge) from getting to the wealthy white beachfront properties he was developing. He did a lot of other stuff like that to make it so that, in the most literal sense possible, the city was physically hostile to black people

That article, The lingering effects of NYC’s racist city planning, is GREAT, full of concrete current examples from 10 American cities. A must read. 

moses was also one of the figureheads of the movement known as “urban renewal” which bulldozed slums and predominantly poor/minority areas of manhattan and forced thousands of these residents out to the outer boroughs to make way for public infrastructure projects (mostly through expressways which riddled new york with traffic) under the pretense of revitalizing communities that were seen as dirty and crime-ridden. moses literally created a new position of authority for himself so that he controlled basically every aspect of city planning in new york. he was a power-hungry, outright racist and classist just like many of his contemporaries in the city planning field.

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August 11 2017

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pie eating contest?

nah son free pie


Me watching kesha making one of the best albums of the year


Now that nick has has been fired, I bet polygon could use a new (travis) funny guy (travis) who would be (travis) loved by all and (travis) put the company back (travis) in a good light (travis). I hope (travis) they find (travis) someone (travis).


me leaving my bare ass out when i go to sleep and leaving my door open to the outside




the whole jungkook is in a wheelchair thing for the teaser is really bugging me of in a wrong way. as a disabled fan (who gets 0 treatment and needs to deal with the pain on their own) it feels like a slap on the face.

 the title of love yourself and jungkook ina wheelchair gives me the feeling that they are gonna pull some inspiration porn bullshit and not gonna actually treat disabilty as what it is. it’s gonna be either tragic shit that shows how disabled people don’t wanna live and how that’s normal (which wouldn’t suprise me since namjoon loved me after you) or a believe in yourself and love yourself out of disabilty, which is shitty and super ableist.

 the only thing i can accept is jungkook having a broken leg cause the incident in i need you and him not being actually disabled, cause i’m tired of abledbodied using our stories as an emotional device with out taking our emotions and emotional well-being into consideration

and even if he’s just in wheelcahir cause he has a broken leg using disability as an emotional tool to evoke sadness is… really shitty. jungkook is smiling in the teaser but they went for emotional impact so i really don think this is okey.

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Set decoration for Pia Mia + NYLON

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Everything else in this movie could be a pile of hot garbage and I will still see it over and over again because of how amazing Alphonse looks in EVERY SINGLE SCENE AND PICTURE they’ve released so far

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@staff im begging you to let me reblog this

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- Are you guys fucking? Are you serious?
- It’s not what it looks like…

Right In Front of My Salad (2017) dir. Men.com


nothing will ever be as funny as the original version of this image

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