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October 11 2017

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Boston says: Honor Indigenous Peoples Day – Abolish Columbus Day! October 7, 2017.

Photos by Stevan Kirschbaum


me: hey mom can we go to mcdonalds

mom: no


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see i was going to say “target is scary to me” but i suppose. these also work.


Target self-checkout screen: Hope you had fun on your Target™ run!

Me, with $51.79 less than I had an hour ago: you’re worse than the devil




saying “aces don’t experience oppression” is not anti-ace, it’s simply a fact. there are no laws condemning asexual people, there are no mass murders or frequent standalone killings of asexual people, there are no widespread hate crimes, no protests, no systemic violence. no oppression.

when you use “ace oppression” as a gateway for cishets into the lgbt community, you’re ignoring the fact that ace people do not experience oppression based on their asexuality, while everyone in the community you’re trying to infiltrate into is violently and systemically oppressed based on their lgbtpn identity.

the fact that you made the post against ace people is ace oppression fuck ass. i’d consider pushing a whole sexuality out of lgbt+ oppression

lgbt oppression: murders (including mass murder), threats and acts of physical violence, torture in the form of conversion therapy, systemic denial of housing/work/aid

ace “oppression”: posts on tumblr dot com that you don’t agree with

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we need to be less ashamed to talk about mental illness. thank you travis. i am crying like a baby.

October 09 2017

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The person who headlined the article has never been through struggle. He should not be prosecuted he should be supported.


The family has a GoFundMe page if you can help!!

Please donate if you can. A reblog could also help


fun fact but actually children’s safety IS every adults responsibility

you should do everything in your power to ensure that kids around you stay safe

its not one or two peoples responsibility, its fuckin everyone’s because its a huge goddamn job and kids cannot fend for themselves, thats the definition of childhood

listing your age or at least that you are an adult somewhere visible on your blog is the bare minimum so that kids can AT LEAST be aware that you are older than them and can avoid you if they dont feel safe or avoid treating you like one of their peers by accident



one time when i was like 6-7 i was hanging out with a friend on one of these 

and he told me a joke so funny (god i wish i could remember) that i lost control and pissed myself. but i was on the up side and so my pee stream trickled down and wet his pants and i couldnt stop laughing as i watched it happened. even when he noticed i had peed his pants and got off, sobbing, i couldnt stop cackling. i hit the ground and rolled off, giggling and probably still pissing myself. i peed someone else’s pants…. i never saw that kid again. sorry kid.

thank you for sharing your story

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list of characters that would be weirdly sexualized if they were made today

so we’re just gonna stop the list right tf there

looking through the comments and reblogs.. oh boy

there’s definitely more but I’m not sure I want to subject myself to that horror

hey quick question how come out of all the pictures you could’ve chosen for Bloo you had to pick the one from a hentai parody 

you recognized it


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Four years ago Quvenzhané Wallis became the youngest Oscar nominee and today she is a published author! She is the first person born in the 21st century to be nominated for an Oscar. Lil Sis is blossoming and feeding creative minds on top of her stellar acting skills! Good for her, and good for all the little ones that will get to read them.

Congratulations, Quvenzhané! Continue to let your light shine and inspire young girls!



please please please teach your children to cook while they still live under your roof. even the most elementary things can’t be overlooked. because i just had to show my 24 year old boyfriend how to use a potato peeler and now i need to lay down for an hour

i hate this post because it just proves that like.. no simple statement can just be absorbed and the general population of tumblr go ‘yeah that sounds about right.’ i’ve had nazis say it’s a woman’s job to cook, terfs say that it’s only ‘males’ who don’t know how to cook, people have accused me of being classist because some people don’t own potato peelers, called a bitch for airing out my boyfriend’s dirty laundry (which if the most embarrassing thing i can procure about the guy is that he’s not great in the kitchen i’d say he’s okay lmao)

just shut up and teach your fucking children to cook holy shit dude

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Showgirls (1995)

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Inspired by recent posts






omg i was listening to Late-Night NPR last night and this one lesbian girl was talking about how she and her family used to go camping every year when she was a kid and there was a general store that was owned by an older lesbian woman who she really looked up to and then she like tracked on the woman and interviewed her for the radio show it was so touching…. she was telling the older lesbian woman how seeing a confident gay woman living her life made it easier to accept that she herself was gay and that there was nothing wrong with it and they were both like crying and shit i was starting to get so emotional in the car… this is why we need to value and defend the gay elders who came before us and taught us to love ourselves its so important… i will die for the gays

ntm elderly people in general are often affected by loneliness, lgbt elders even more so. we owe a lot to them and at the very least should support them in having a comfortable, safe, not isolated later and old adult life.

true. lgbt elders are often ostracized from communities of people their age also because lots of older people still have very backwards and regressive views on homosexuality/transgender people. us young gays really should be doing all that we can to help out the people that fought for our freedoms (btw donate to Miss Major’s gofundme she was at stonewall)


thank you for adding the link!

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Lisa13 - the guitarist of the Japanese rock band Moth in Lilac - on the street in Harajuku wearing a dark look featuring a Dholic sweater with a pleated skirt, Demonia boots, Vivienne Westwood belt, and a Michael Kors handbag. Full Look

October 08 2017

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